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  • brstramel
    Aug 30, 2017

    Hello everyone at the Campus Center! I am Brad Stramel a former Catholic Disciples member and current financial secretary for the FHSU K of C council at the campus center. I currently work at IHM Parish here in Hays for the last 5 years. Also, I am very pleased with the amount of involvement and numbers of students participating at the campus center. Please keep up the good work the good Lord has provided you! Many memories and last friendships have taken place at the campus center for me and the most important one is that the chapel was the first place I was ever able to distribute the Holy Eucharist at Mass from there on I have become active in my home parish in various ministries at Mass, etc. A piece of advise to all who attend Catholic Disciples, please keep yourself active in the many opportunities offered to you through meetings, prayer groups, Crossroads retreat just to name a few, long lasting relationships and friendships have come from the campus center and many vocations to the religious life have come from there. May God Bless you all, keep the fire going brothers and sisters in Christ.

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